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15-18 Japanese Snacks & toy

Box weight 1000g over

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  • Kitkat【Uji-matcha】

    Adult taste by incorporating finely crushed biscuits into a Uji matcha-flavored batter, allowing one to savor the deep bitterness, aroma, and richness of authentic matcha.

  • Pocky【Deep matcha】

    Pocky sticks that offer a rich matcha flavor. We use fragrant and flavorful stone-ground matcha for the chocolate coating, while a slightly bitter matcha is used for the baked pastry. You can fully enjoy the abundant taste of matcha in every bite.

  • Airy-snack【Saku-maro】

    This is a light, airy snack with a gentle, fluffy texture, complemented by the refreshing tanginess and umami of sour cream infused with the savory richness of salt and onion.

  • Beans snack

    Made using whole edamame beans! Enjoy the crisp and unique texture, packed with the natural richness and sweetness of the beans. Plus, it's non-fried and rich in dietary fiber, making it gentle on the body!

  • Choco Monaka

    A light and delicious chocolate filled with fluffy aerated chocolate packed into "taiyaki"-shaped monaka.

  • Thank's Rice Crackers

    A popular Nagoya souvenir that playfully expresses feelings of deep gratitude and excitement! This delightful product includes rich crackers with different flavors and shapes, along with 'Thank You' candies.

  • Lemon Gummy

    During the "Showa era", there was a boom for "Lesca," a lemon-flavored soda drink. its fizzy and refreshing sweet-sour taste in gummy form.

  • Castella Skewers

    A nostalgic taste! Castella cake skewered and baked on a stick! Packaged in adorable panda-themed bags, each containing five sticks. Enjoy biting into the sugar-coated castella cake by holding the stick horizontally!

  • Crab Snack

    An iconic snack with a striking package featuring yellow lettering on a red bag, bearing the name "Kani Chip." This beloved treat has been a long-standing bestseller for over 30 years, so famous in the Tokai region that hardly anyone is unfamiliar with it.

  • Dagashi-mix

    Japanese dagashi are known for their wide variety, nostalgic flavors, and playful packaging. Loved by both children and adults, they encompass not only candies but also toys and gum. From traditional snacks to the latest trends, dagashi offer a diverse range of options to suit every taste

  • Yakisoba

    This is a collaboration product between "Peyang Sauce Yakisoba" and the Nagoya-based specialty "Sugakiya." It's a yakisoba featuring a pork bone base infused with the aroma and richness of Japanese-style broth. The toppings include bamboo shoots, pork chashu, and green onions, with a separate "secret flavor" to enhance the overall taste.

  • Chopstick Game

    The Chopstick Game" a game where players use chopsticks to transfer four different types of beans into a plate. Concentration is key! Players can compete against each other simultaneously or race against the clock with everyone participating.